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Imported Products

We import a range of products from all over Latin America and bring them to you right here in Australia.

From Soft Drinks, Chocolates, snacks and much more instore today!


Imported Drinks

We offer all your favorite drinks from Latin America so you can enjoy them instore or the comfort of your home to share with family and friends.


- Yerba Mate 

- Coffees and Teas

- Jarritos (all flavors)

- Pap and Bilz

- Inca Kola

- Pony Malta



From Chile, Colombia, Mexico and all-over Latin America we bring those refreshing drinks to you.

Chocolates and Sweets

Our imported range of chocolate and sweets will bring you back memories from Latin America or create amazing memories if you haven't tried them before.


Take it home and share it with family and friends


- Dulce de Leche

- Super 8

- Sahne-Nuss


* please note that sometimes imported products become unavailable 

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More Products

Come in store and check out our stock, you will be amazed what we have.

Too many to mention in here!!

Hurry and don't wait until the next shipment!



Get it today!

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